Other practitioners I recommend:

Kate Sweetapple sweetapplebodywork.uk

Anna Lane www.olivesanctuary.co.uk

Sophia Russell www.hestiasflame.com

Wise Woman Wellbeing FB page

Fiona Condie    www.designinteractive.co.uk

Susie Debice  www.lifehealthandwellbeing.co.uk 

Clare Hart www.sussexphysiopilates.co.uk

Anneliese Wells www.birchwoodyoga.co.uk

Tina Corbett http://www.beasyousay-yoga.co.uk

Oscar Hewitt and Pam Hewitt www.themewsbodyworkclinic.co.uk

Interesting articles:

Reflexology Lymph Drainage/Lymphoedema


The Imp‚Äčortance of Touch




The Truth About Boosting your Immune System


The Vagus Nerve and the link between the gut and serotonin 

Some great information on the parasympathetic nervous system, specifically the role of the vagus nerve and how important the function of this nerve is to our stress levels. Also the link between the gut and the brain. Did you know that serotonin is produced in the gut?

Reflexology can stimulate the vagus nerve, especially in older people as its function can decrease with age.

This recording also discusses the benefits of slow breathing and cold therapy.


"I usually have Reflexology which is great. I have also had an Indian head massage which has really taken a lot of tension away" Anita, Barcombe